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Audiobook Production – Pricing

Our packages include everything you need to produce a high quality audiobook, and they are fully inclusive, based on the number of words in the book. The package includes:

  • Spoken credits at the start and finish of the book.
  • A professional narrator.
  • All studio time required for recording.
  • An audio producer.
  • An audio editor for all post-production work.
  • Re-cuts as needed during the approval process.
  • Digital cover artwork design/re-design for audio version of book.
  • Mastering, encoding and delivery of the completed audio files to your chosen audiobook store. See delivery specifcations

We calculate our fees based on approx £40 per thousand words. So a 25,000 word audiobook costs roughly £1000 to produce. But please note that every audiobook is different and has its own unique requirements, so these numbers should only be used as ballpark figures when budgeting your project. All we require to begin production is a digital copy of the book and a 50% deposit. If required we will provide a professional editor to abridge the work for you if this is required. Editorial work / abridgement is charged additionally at £200 per 10,000 words. The cost of any commercial music used will be additional to the quoted price and calculated based on current industry rates.

Please contact Premium Audio to discuss your requirements and receive a full quotation for your project.