1. Don McCorkindale
  2. John Rayment
  3. Peter Baker
  4. Robert Blythe
  5. Tom Slatter
  6. Brian Luff
  7. Ashleigh Whitfield
  8. Claire Wyatt
  9. Georgina Sowerby
  10. Sue Shackleton
  11. Michael Grinter
  12. Helen Lloyd
  13. Claire Lacey
  14. Nicholas Rubin
  15. Jonathan Booth
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Audiobook Narrators

Listen to a short montage of all of our Audiobook Narrators

Click on the links on the right to audition the individual talents of our hand-picked team of voice artists. These performers have been selected for their unique ability to naturally bring the written word to life. Our narrators work closely with Premium Audio’s own voice producers, who skillfully direct them in creating the best possible marriage between the spoken and written word. The voice demos on this page represent just a handful of the many genres and styles undertaken by our narrators. Simply select one of our voices then contact Premium Audio to organise a test recording, using a section of manuscript from your own project.